Sunday, 19 February 2017

Faithful combo

When all else fails, stick with what you know and love. Blazer, denim, fav tee. Done.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wrapped Up

Last week it was freezing. Tights under jeans, thermals, wooly hat and a million layers kinda freezing. It's fair to say Casey and I ended up doing a bit of hibernating. It started snowing whilst taking that one picture outside, and I was like - OK, I'M DONE, I NEED A BURRITO. 
After waiting two years (it felt like a boring purchase? I needed some serious time to get into it apparently) I picked up this black Acne scarf, and I love it. There's a bunch of colour/pattern options from Acne and I feel I could be persuaded into another next year...Also, side note - why don't more brands do awesome wool/winter scarfs?! Hmm...Something really unimportant to think about guys.
These TopShop jeans have been worn to death since I bought them, a surprisingly solid buy. Anyway, I appreciate you can barely see what I'm wearing here...but yeah. It was too cold. Time. Snow. Toddler. ETC. I'm here and I'm posting. Wooooooo! Now I need pyjamas, tea and silence as half term is slowly killing my soul. Bye!